Aidanfield Cottage Pet Policy

Here are our terms and conditions for accepting pets.  Bookings are accepted on the assumption that you have read and are happy to comply with our terms and conditions.

Our pet policy for the benefit of all of our guests is as follows:

  1. Up to two well behaved dogs are welcome in Aidanfield Cottage.  Details of the dog/dogs MUST be included on the booking form. Should there be any change before arrival, please let us know.
  2. Dogs are very welcome at Aidanfield Cottage but must be under proper supervision and control at all times.
  3. Please, Please keep your dog OFF our furniture including sofa, chairs, cushions and bed, in consideration to future guests.
  4. Please bring your pets own bedding, bed and cage to help them feel at home.  If required, a dog cage and dog towels are available for loan on request.
  5. Under no circumstances should a dog/dogs be left alone in the cottage.
  6. Please do not leave your dog/dogs unattended in the garden.  We do not take  responsibility for your dogs’ behaviour, safety or security.
  7. Please pick up after your dog in the grounds and vicinity of the cottage. Poo bags may be placed in the black wheelie bin at the side of the Cottage.
  8. Walking your dog nearby – There is a quiet country lane, a hundred yards to the right of the property and also a 900 acre forest a short distance away.